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Do to the freeze in FL, 50% - 75% of the fish were lost by fish farms. One half of all tropical fish sold in the USA come from FL fish farms.  Thus fish are needed by pet shops. Members with fish for sale should contact us with what they have for sale per requests to fill orders to pet shops being sent to us.

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    Guppies come in a wide range of varieties.  Here are just but a few of the award winning strains of guppies available through private breeders.  Check them out and contact the breeder directly or send us an e-mail for more information.  Tell the breeder you saw their guppies at 

Check out these gorgeous guppies available through our friends.
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dphbb.jpg (12816 bytes)

dphbr.jpg (13436 bytes)

skhbr.gif (13151 bytes)

skhby.gif (27310 bytes)

H/B Blue-Palunas H/B Red-Palunas H/B Red-Kwartler H/B Yellow-Ted Dix

dphbb.jpg (12816 bytes)

dphbr.jpg (13436 bytes)

lrhbpastl.jpg (6423 bytes)

bmhbaoc.jpg (1240 bytes)

Blacks-Kwartler H/B AOC-Bill Brady H/B Pastel-Roebuck Moscows-Brady

bmralb.jpg (2027 bytes)

lrpingus.jpg (7128 bytes)

lryellow.jpg (6404 bytes)

tdxgreen.jpg (2777 bytes)

Albino Reds-Miller Pingus-Roebuck Yellow-Roebuck Greens-Ted Dix

bmblgl.jpg (2356 bytes)

bmjrglass.jpg (1625 bytes)

bmjrglass.jpg (1625 bytes)

Photo Needed

Blue-Glass-Miller Blue Glass-Roebuck Red Glass-Brady

Any Suggestions?

bmysnake.jpg (1606 bytes)

bmysnake.jpg (1606 bytes)

lrsnskgr.jpg (3651 bytes)

skssnake.gif (25172 bytes)

Red Snake Skin-Brady Snake Skin-Kwartler Snake Skin-Roebuck Snake Skin-Kwartler

bmdblswd.jpg (1235 bytes)

bmdblswd.jpg (1235 bytes)

skdblswd.gif (27928 bytes)

skdswd2.gif (148425 bytes)

Double Sword-Palunas Double Sword-Miller Double Sword-Kwartler Double Sword-Kwartler

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How to Ship and Receive Tropical Fish

Aquarium-Club does not negotiate prices or guarantee live shipments between private parties of sellers and buyers.

    Posting requests for fish wanted or fish available are services available only to our members.  Please Join today.

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Posting requests for fish wanted or fish for sale are services available only to our Aquarium-Club members.  Please Join

Track Shipments
    U.S. Post Office
    United Parcel Service
    Airborne Express
How to Ship and Receive Tropical Fish


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